Terminator 2 is coming… in 3D

That’s right folks, an absolute classic of the 90s is set to return to cinemas this year as James Cameron’s Terminator 2: Judgement Day is readying itself for a re-release, this time in glorious 3D. A master of the art of 3D conversion, James Cameron is set to showcase the version of the movie at Berlinale this Friday 17th February (Filmfestival Berlin), with a special Q&A session to be conducted via live stream on the T2 Facebook page.
The film  originally arrived with audiences some 26 years ago and proved to be one of the most successful science fiction blockbusters of all time, even to this day featuring in copious ‘best of’ lists time and again. Key to the film’s success were its stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, as well as special effects that were simply groundbreaking for its era.

Terminator news on Scott Adkins World? Ofcourse, it’s one of the best action movies ever and moreover, Scott would make a great Terminator: