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Is Scott Adkins going to replace Daniel Craig?

Currently the internet is full of Rumours that Scott Adkins may be the next James Bond. Scott Adkins is coïncideert as a good fit for the James Bond role as he is currently not extremely well known. Actors like Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig both were not very popular yet, prior  to doing the “Bond” films.

Scott has the good age (40) and his muscular physique is an added point for him to succeed Daniel Craig.

Asked about the Bond buzz swirling around him, Adkins said: “I think I’ve got the right look. I’m English, I’m the stereotypical tall, dark and handsome — well, not very tall, but certainly dark. I love to do action films and I think I’d be a very good Bond.”

Adkins lived in Bondi for a few months while shooting X Men with Hugh Jackman.

“In Hollywood, the crew fusses about and will be scared to say anything that might upset someone, but my experience in Australia was, you’re one of the lads.”
(Source: Herald Sun)