is a website, dedicated mainly to Scott Adkins. For anything related to the website you can send us an email at: or We are making websites for a long time. We started on 31 August 1999 as "The Van Damme and Schwarzenegger Page", as a fansite of Jean-Claude van Damme and Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. On 31 december 2002, the site continued as a JCVD-fansite with the name 'FanDamme’. In June 2006 the site moved to the servers ‘of, the largest and most active Van Damme communitiy on internet. The site became bigger and bigger.In December 2006 ‘FanDamme’ was renamed into ‘’, and moved to the servers of JCVD’s official team,, however the site continued to be a 100% fanmade site. In April 2012, Scott Adkins worked his way on the servers of, because he often appeared as co-star in Van Damme's movies. Since late 2014 the site was not longer hosted by JCVD’s official team and, but the website continued. Because in the recent years there was more and more Scott Adkins news to share, more than JCVD-news, so the feeling of the site turned more and more into an Adkins fansite. And because Scott Adkins is just awesome , thherefore, in february, 2017 the website changed into and nowadays the site mainly is focused on Scott Adkins. Our goal is to be The Most Complete Adkins Site in the World!