In this first episode of The Art of Action, Scott Adkins talks with Marko Zaror about their iconic end fight from Undisputed III: Redemption amongst many other things.
In episode two, Scott Adkins talks to his Ninja 2 co-star Kane Kosugi about training, his martial background and together they breakdown the final fight in Ninja 2.
In episode three, Scott Adkins talks to Thai International martial arts phenomenon Tony Jaa about his martial arts background, how he got into movie making and Tony personally breaks down some of his most famous stunts.
In episode 4, Scott Adkins talks to veteren action star Michael Jai White about his martial arts background, the correct way to shoot and edit action scenes and amongst many other things, what it's like being deathly ill and still have to direct and star in an action movie
In episode 5, Scott Adkins talks to one of the best action directors in the business Gareth Evans (The Raid 1 & 2). They discuss his love of Asian cinema, how he got into the business and his philosophy behind creating intense martial arts fight scenes and ballistic gunplay.