In episode 6, Scott Adkins talks to Loren Avedon from the late eighties martial arts action franchise No Retreat No Surrender & King of the Kickboxers.
In episode 7, Scott Adkins talks to Daniel Bernhardt who shot to stardom as the new star of the Bloodsport franchise with roles in The Matrix Reloaded, Atomic Blonde & John Wick
In episode 8, Scott Adkins talks to JJ "Loco" Perry - an extremely well respected and longtime stunt man, martial artsist and now stunt co-ordinator, 2nd unit director and soon to be director. JJ discusses working on Bloodsport 3, Mortal Kombat: Conquests, The Rundown, Undisputed 2, The Tournament, Haywire, Oldboy, Mechanic: Ressurection, Ultraviolet, Fast & Furious, John Wick and many more projects.
In episode 9, Scott Adkins talks to Chad Stahelski, director of the John Wick franchise, longtime stuntman, stunt co-ordinator and 2nd Unit director and one of the founding members of Hollywood Fight Stunt Team 87eleven.
In episode 10, Scott Adkins talks to the great Mark Dacascos who has been one of the leading martial arts action stars for the last 30 years. With starring roles in Only The Strong, Crying Freeman, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Drive, Cradle to the Grave & John Wick 3 to name just a few.