Stay Home!

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U.K. people and others around the globe. You need to stay home and stop putting other people at risk by going out and spreading this horrible and sometimes deadly disease! Excuse the language but I got worked up. This is serious though!!


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“Look after each other. Check on your elderly neighbours and see if you can help them in these difficult times. We WILL get through this together. Respect to health care professionals around the world. These are the true heroes of these strange and difficult times.” Scott Adkins Scott had to go on hiatus from filming […]

Politically Correct Nonsense

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In an interview with ‘The Hollywood News’ Scott was asked about the problems that the world is still facing with racism and inequality. Adkins: Honestly, I don’t care about all this politically correct nonsense. It does my head in! I think its a bit out of control and it’s gone too far. I like my […]

Killcount Avengement

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We updated our Scott Adkins killcount now with the numbers of Avengement. If you did see Avengement, then you know this movie is very brutal. Often it´s hard to see if somebody is killed or not, but for sure 13 people are killed. Soon we will add the numbers for ´Abduction´.