A hugh Van Damme part on this site. Not for nothing our site is named to legendary action star 'Jean-Claude van Damme'. In the past this site was 100% dedicated to Van Damme but nowadays there is another great martial arts action star on the planet: Scott Adkins.  Scott once mentioned that he was probably the biggest fan of Van Damme in England.  That's a great reason for having a lot of Van Damme content just here.

On this page we focus on the action and violence in  Van Damme's films, with a nice word: VanDammage!

Van Damme Biography

Van Damme Biography

One of the most complete biography's  of Jean-Claude van Damme

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Van Damme's most brutal movie scenes

Here you are: The ultimate VanDammage!

It’s almost impossible to make a list of all the types of used violence by Van Damme……Laceration...   Crushed under the wheels of a car...  Death by strangulation...   Crushed ribs...     Gauging out the eye...     Kicks to the groin...  Crushed under the wheels of a truck...    Crushing the skull...   Drowning...    Raping…  Breaking all kind of limbs…   Electrocuting…   Using Grenade…   Stabbing… Mutilation…   …and so on….

Watch here the most brutal, cruel, ruthless and violent movie scenes of Jean-Claude van Damme.

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Van Dammage in Images

An image says more than thousands words. What can explain the meaning of VanDammage better than photos.
Here you can find almost 30 pictures that gives you a good impression of VanDammage!

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Van Damme Killcount

Jean-Claude Van Damme is all about action. He knows how to use his muscles and his movies are full of violence. His second name became VanDammage. Van Damme for sure  is one the deadliest actors in cinema history. We think that only Schwarzengger killed more people but van Damme is a close second.

Here’s an overview of all the moviekills by Van Damme.

Van Damme's Villains

Usually the violence of Van Damme is used by him to make the world better and crush evil. But there are exceptions: regularly Jean-Claude played the villain in his films and he's very threatening  and very violent.

Here’s an overview of all villains played by Van Damme.

Some Van Damme Movie Pages

Van Damme in Videogames

There are some game-characters based on Van Damme. A wellknown game is Mortal Komat. The main character of this videogame is Johnny Cage (same initials: JC). The character was supposed to be a remake of Van Damme. But there are more videogames based on our legend JCVD.

Check them out