Pit Fighter 2005 Jack Severino has no memory, all he knows is the brutal sport of Pit Fighting. When his past catches him up, he realizes he is not who he thought he was. For some men must fight for redemption. Scott Adkins showing up in the film, in a short non- fighting role.
Unleashed, 2005 A man treated like a dog and raised as a fighting machine his entire life, ends up in a coma and is taken in the care of good people, but his sinister owner is looking to retrieve his most prized possession: a non stop human weapon triggered by the collar leashed on his neck.Scott Adkins has a fightscene in this movie.
Special Forces, 2005 American photo-journalist and humanitarian activist Wendy Teller is captured in the war- torn former Soviet nation of Moldavia by the maniacal Bosnian war criminal Hasib. The U.S. Government subsequently receives a video from Hasib, who demands the release of war criminals for Teller’s release. To rescue the hostage from Hasib’s clutches, the Pentagon summons a six-man Special Forces team led by Major Don Harding, who has a personal grudge against Hasib after their past encounter in the Bosnian War. He’s not the only one with a bone to pick with Hasib, however, which he soon discovers after his unit crosses paths with SAS operative Talbot. Talbot who had previously been sent in by the British government is now on a revenge mission after the public execution of his partner at the hands of Hasib’s right-hand man. With the clock ticking on the impending execution of the hostage, Talbot and the American team unite to bring Hasib’s forces down.
The Medallion, 2003 The Medallion is a movie with Jackie Chan in the lead. Scott Adkins has some very short fight scenes in this movie, against Jackie Chan. In an interview with Hong Kong Cinemagic Scott told: "We actually shot it in China but it was a Hong Kong production. It was my first opportunity in a martial arts movie so I was very willing to learn as much as I could and work as hard as I could. It’s different out there, there seems to be no separation between stunt men, actors and set dressers, everyone gets stuck in together. I have been very lucky to get to learn from some of the best Hong Kong choreographers. If you’re going to be doing martial arts films then what better place to learn than in Hong Kong. I was aware that they wanted to give me the end fight with Jackie Chan but first they wanted to test me out in a smaller scene fighting Jackie Chan, I knew if I blew it I wouldn’t get the end fight. Luckily for me I didn’t blow it but unluckily they cut the fight from the movie. I tore my hamstring fighting Jackie on The Medallion, which was nice. You pick up some sort of injury on any action movie you do, it’s just part of the deal, it’s unavoidable."
Black Mask 2: City of Masks, 2002 Kan Fung had escaped from the clutches of the organization responsible for his superhuman abilities. He plans to find any geneticist who will be able to cure him. Meanwhile, he has decided to use his powers for the greater of good, calling himself Black Mask. Lang, another high ranking member of the organization, has been hired to find Black Mask and kill him. Wrestling promoter King is gearing up for a major event and has his top wrestlers Claw, Iguana, Chameleon, Snake, and Wolf ready for battle. However, when the wrestler Hellraiser (real name Ross) is attacked by Iguana, who undergoes a radical transformation to look like a iguana-human hybrid, Black Mask comes to the rescue. Ross is seriously injured and Black Mask chases Iguana to a nearby Tower. When Iguana falls off, Black Mask catches his hand in hopes that he can help him. Iguana lets himself free of Black Mask's grip and falls to his death, angering Chameleon, who was Iguana's girlfriend. It is soon revealed that the wrestlers had been experimented under Dr. Moloch, who gave the wrestlers animal DNA to enhance their skills. However, they soon discover the animal DNA have given them the ability to undergo transformations as animal-hybrids. They now intend to use their newfound abilities to track down Black Mask and kill him to avenge Iguana.
Meanwhile, Black Mask has found the geneticist who may be able to cure him, Dr. Marco Leung. He would give her anonymous phone calls. In the meantime, Black Mask befriends Raymond, Ross's young son who idolizes both his father as well as Black Mask. When Black Mask scuffles with some of the wrestlers, he is given a dose of animal DNA, which turns him into a tiger-hybrid. Locating Dr. Leung, Black Mask warns her of the DNA and asks for her help. She learns of a chemical component that could be the key to cure the animal DNA for Black Mask. Sneaking out, Black Mask has another scuffle with the wrestlers but successfully finds the chemical needed for the animal cure. Fully cured of at least his animal DNA, Black Mask learns that his old nemesis Lang has killed Moloch and has planted a bomb that has the capability of changing DNA throughout the city. Black Mask takes on all of the wrestlers as well as Lang's top man, General Troy. While taking on Chameleon, he finally reveals how Iguana actually killed himself and that he had intended to help him. Feeling remorse, Chameleon sacrifices herself to help Black Mask. Finally, Lang takes on Black Mask. At first Lang has the upper hand, but Black Mask successfully defeats Lang and stops the bomb from explosing. The next day, Dr. Leung receives a call from Kan Fung. She leaves the lab and gets on the back of Kan's motorcycle, which implies she has finally cured him of his original superhuman abilities. Scott Adkins has a small but important role in this movie as Dr. Lang. He does a final fight at the end of the movie with lots of special effects.
Special Forces is an important movie for Scott Adkins career, because this was Scott's first collaboration with director Isaac Florentine.
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