Undisputed II, Last Man Standing, 2006 Undisputed II follows up to the 2002 film, Undisputed, a film without Scott Adkins and which basically is a film that made no money. Undisputed II is very different from the earlier version. The movie takes place in Russia, following two combatants from different parts of the world and how their fates shake hands in an underground fighting arena. Disgraced former Boxer George “The Iceman” Chambers, played by Michael Jai White has been reduced to appearing in Russian vodka commercials to get back on his feet after going broke. Unfortunately, his arrival in Russia sees him thrown in prison after he is framed for drug possession. The man responsible for Chambers predicament is Russian mafioso Gaga, who has orchestrated the plot in order to pit Chambers against the reigning champion of prison MMA fighters, Yuri Boyka, played by Scott Adkins. Chambers has no interest in the competition, but his efforts at appealing his conviction are blocked at every turn.
Boyka is the villain and is the king of the prison fighting circuit and not someone you would want to mess with. He is a well built tall man with impressive muscles, distinctive high and tight haircut in a fade style and numerous tattoos all over his body. His Russian accent is convincing and nobody is using the fuckworlds more often than him. When he walks into a room he just exudes fury and everyone will move out of the way. He is a man obsessed with becoming the “Most Complete Fighter in the World”. Yuri Boyka brings you brutal and relentless kick box action. During the first fight between Boyka and Chambers, Scott Adkins really struck Michael Jai White in the face with his Guyver Kick! In order to look like an intimidating opponent for the massive Michael Jai White, Scott Adkins had to pack on a significant amount of muscle, and the added weight made it somewhat more difficult for him to perform flips, somersaults, and flying kicks.
Undisputed Movies 2016, 2010, 2006
In the Undisputed movies, Scott Adkins is Boyka. Boyka is one of the most beloved characters in the martial arts movie genre. The Undisputed films are the films that really made Scott Adkins famous both because of his acting and his fighting abilities. “Undisputed 2” is one of the films where viewers are proud to root for the bad guy.
If you look up Yuri Boyka tattoos photos, you will see that he has tattoos on his chest back, neck, arm, pecs, shoulders and forearm. The Star tattoos are probably influenced by Russian prisons, where tattoos tell stories and signify the “rank” or status of the prisoner. Two matching 8-point stars on the prisoner’s shoulders mean that he is a professional criminal. Two matching 8-point stars on the knees imply anarchic views (“no one can make me fall to my knees”). Yuri Boyka in the movie Undisputed III: Redemption has them on their chest, so their meaning is probably an amalgamate of the two. In general, stars tattoos signify the hope of a person to be a star or even determination to reach for the stars. The number of points the star has also determines the meaning. The “Q” looking tattoo on his chest looks like a Japanese symbol enso. It symbolizes enlightenment, elegance, strength, the universe, and mu (the void). In Zen, it is a circle drawn in one or two brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. In Russian prisons, barbed wire tattooed across the forehead signifies a life sentence without possibility of parole. Scott Adkins barbed wire tattoo is on his arm, so it probably has an adapted meaning. In general, a barbed wire tattoo is a way to express strength and that one has overcome a particularly hard experience, as well as religious faith.
The Most Complete Fighter in the World
Undisputed III Redemption, 2010 In Undisputed II the sory contineus with Boyka, now severely hobbled by the knee injury suffered at the end of Undisputed 2. No longer the feared prison fighter he was, he has declined so far that he is now good only for cleaning toilets. He realizes the only way he'll ever be free is to fight again or die trying. Boyka's chance at freedom comes in the form of a prison tournament featuring the best prison fighters from around the world. The winner gets his freedom and the crime syndicate hosting the fights earns millions of dollars. Of course things are never as they seem as the organizers have already chosen who they want to win.
Boyka: Undisputed In the fourth installment of the fighting franchise, Boyka is shooting for the big leagues when an accidental death in the ring makes him question everything he stands for. When he finds out the wife of the man he accidentally killed is in trouble, Boyka offers to fight in a series of impossible battles to free her from a life of servitude.