Green Street 3, 2013

Movie Poster Greenstreet 3


Danny Harvey played by Scott Adkins returns to London in order to find the killer of his younger brother who has been killed during a pre-arranged fights between rival football gangs. Harvey has rejected football related violence but plans to gain his revenge by turning his unfit and overweight firm, the Green Street Elite, based on the supporters of West Ham United FC, into a fighting force using the training methods of mixed martial arts and beat their opposing firm, supporters of their arch-enemies, based on the supporters of Millwall FC. Victor, played by Joey Ansah, is the martial artists expert who takes on the role of training the fighters.

Green Street
Green Street

“Tell your boss if it’ll happen again I will be knocking on his door”.
When you hear such a phrase from Scott Adkins, who’ve just kicked crap out of a huge guy, you believe it, and this is exactly what gives a strong motivation to watch this movie.