Home Invasion, 2016

Movie Poster Home Invasion


Home Invasion follows a wealthy woman named Chloe (Henstridge), who happens to be targeted by a trio of expert thieves with her stepson in their remote mansion. Her only form of help comes from a call with a security systems specialist (Patric). As the terror ensues, the intruders (Adkins) become increasingly hostile and the connection between the specialist and Chloe wavers. Should Chloe trust the voice on the phone to be her open eyes and navigate her to safety?

The film makes you remember  Panic Room .   Scott Adkins doesn’t throw a jump spinning kick and Natasha Henstridge does keep her clothes on! However, its a pretty good thriller and the idea of having her only life-line being the distant home security operator, while the police try to reach them, works well. It’s been done before, but its worth checking out.

The plot works:  The isolation of Natasha and the kid is believably (it’s a stormy night, it’s a gated community that you can only gain entry to via one method etc) and the film does not turn into a mad action flick. Ultimately, it’s entertaining and delivers, without demanding too much from the viewer.

Scott Adkins

Adkins delivers as actor. It's a solid turn he gives in the film and he shows a powerfull and ruthless attitude without even kicking once.

Natasha Henstridge worked before with Jean-Claude van Damme in Maximum Risk, and now also with Scott Adkins. In an interview with Mstarnews.com she said: "I don't know if Scott's a method actor or not. I remember that I did not need to act that much because he did such a wonderful job with that character. We didn't talk a lot. We didn't spend a lot of time together. We didn't become chummy. We weren't friendly and I think that was probably a choice on both of our parts, to keep our distance and keep some mystery.

When he came up to the door in that mask, I was going to the front door, it was genuinely jarring! I remember even screaming during rehearsal because he commands so much. And he has a real presence. He was terrifying in a very understated kind of way, so that was easy. That part was really easy."

Overall Home Invasion is a not-complicated but nice movie.  It's good to see that it's still great to watch an Adkins movie, even if Scott does not use his muscle force, aldo of course there's some action in the movie.