Special Forces, 2003

Movie Poster Special Forces


American photo-journalist and humanitarian activist Wendy Teller is captured in the war-torn former Soviet nation of Moldavia by the maniacal Bosnian war criminal Hasib. The U.S. Government subsequently receives a video from Hasib, who demands the release of war criminals for Teller’s release. To rescue the hostage from Hasib’s clutches, the Pentagon summons a six-man Special Forces team led by Major Don Harding, who has a personal grudge against Hasib after their past encounter in the Bosnian War. He’s not the only one with a bone to pick with Hasib, however, which he soon discovers after his unit crosses paths with SAS operative Talbot. Talbot who had previously been sent in by the British government is now on a revenge mission after the public execution of his partner at the hands of Hasib’s right-hand man. With the clock ticking on the impending execution of the hostage, Talbot and the American team unite to bring Hasib’s forces down.

Scott Adkins

Special Forces is an important movie for Scott Adkins career, because this was Scott's first collaboration with director Isaac Florentine.