Wolf Warrior, 2015
(a.k.a. Zhan lang)

Movie Poster Wolf Warrior


Following a tense hostage situation, Sergeant Leng Feng of the People’s Liberation Army is court-martialed by his superiors for disobeying orders, despite the fact that his actions saved the hostage’s life.

Recognizing his superior combat skills and dedication to his country, Lieutenant Colonel Long Xiaoyun overrides Leng Feng’s reprimand and recruits him to China’s most elite Special Forces unit, codenamed the “Wolf Warriors”.

Following his release, Leng Feng joins the Wolf Warriors for what is supposed to be no more than a typical army training exercise. However, he’s unfortunately become the target of the vicious drug lord Ming Feng, who happens to be the brother of the madmen Leng Feng had killed earlier. Ming Feng recruits a team of highly trained mercenaries, under the leadership of ex-Navy SEAL “Tom Cat”, to take out Leng Feng, while the Wolf Warrior’s training exercise quickly turns into a battle for their lives.

Scott Adkins

Scott Adkins is "Tom Cat".  He has some various scenes, but there’s way too little Scott Adkins in the movie. Funniest moment in the movie is that Adkins tells a soldier:   “You may not be the smartest soldier I’ve ever met, but you’re definitely the bravest.”