Scott Adkins has the lead in Hard Target 2

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A while back it was revealed that we were getting a sequel to Hard Target, John Woo’s 1993 manly movie starring Jean Claude Van Damme.  Roel Reine (director of The Condemned 2) was revealed as the director, while John Woo himself would produce.  Things beyond that were only speculative.

Until now.  We can reveal that the lead in this movie is already on location.
Who is the lead in this movie?  None other than Scott Adkins.  He is in Thailand right now preparing for the movie, a set picture has emerged of Scott in ‘Thailand and rehearsing for next project with Master Seng of the famous Seng Stunt Team.’ (see below).  Obviously, you now know that this ‘next project’ is Hard Target 2.
‘In the second part, human hunting continues in the jungles between Burma and Thailand‘.  Director Roel Reine says of the movie; ‘What an honour to work for one of your idols. Hard Target 2 should be an ode to the old films John Woo was in Hong Kong.’  So will this movie bring the goods?  Well, Scott recently said on his Facebook timeline that poor DTVs were a thing of the past.Source:

New Trailer Close Range

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Today a new trailer of Close Range appeared on YouTube.In this new Adkins film Scott playes a rogue soldier turned outlaw is thrust into a relentless fight with a corrupt sheriff, his obedient deputies, and a dangerous drug cartel in order to protect his sister and her young daughter.

The movie promises plenty of action as we are used from Adkins: Scott told us earlier that he certainly will kill 20 people in this movie.

Scott Adkins returns as Boyka in Undisputed 4

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Boyka: Undisputed 4 did start shooting mid-June 2015 with Scott Adkins set to return as Yuri Boyka and Isaac Florentine ready to direct once again. Larnell Stovall will be the fight coordinator, which is fantastic news considering how awesome the fights were in Part 3.

The script has been penned by David White who also worked on the other 2 Boyka Undisputed movies; no other details are known as yet with regards to story however a few months back Isaac Florentine said at an interview, “Something is always changing in Boyka. That character is deeply religious. Already you see this in the scene that establishes him in Undisputed 2. In Undisputed 3 we see what motives him is that he is truly religious. Basically this will continue to motivate him in the next chapter…”
Although an official release date has not been announced, the movie is expected to hit the screens in 2016.
Scott Adkins, the mega-talented actor and martial artist from Undisputed III and Assassination Games, let out a few tidbits of information over Twitter recently as well. He wrote that a script for Undisputed 4 is complete.
In a recent interview Scott Adkins told that this time Boyka is not in prison anymore.

After the shoots were done Scott made the following post on Facebook:“I’ve put my heart & soul into this shoot and pushed my body to it’s absolute limit to bring you the next instalment of the greatest martial arts movie franchise the West has to offer.  Yuri Boyka will face many new fights in this chapter, but none more dangerous than the fight within himself.
I’d like to thank Teodora Duhovnikova, Paul Chahidi and Alon Aboutboul who brought their characters to life with and supported my performance in the best way possible. The fighters Emilien De Falco, Trayan Milenov, Andy Long, Brahim Achabbakhe and Martyn Ford for giving it their all (especially Andy Long who I sent to the hospital – sorry Andy).
Tim Man, our fight choreographer, we couldn’t do it without you my friend (2 more sections please). All the Bulgarian cast & crew for all their hard work and dedication.
I love playing this character and we already have ideas on where to take him next so do me a favour – if you want to see more of Yuri Boyka and don’t want to wait another 6 years to see it then please, please support this movie through the official channels and not illegal downloads. It needs to make a profit to justify a sequel, it’s plain economics.
Time for me to rest my aching bones.
“If I’m the champion of the toilets? Then what does that make you when I kick the fucking shit out of you?!”

“Terminator Genisys” Released

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Finally Terminator Genisys is in theaters now. The long awaited movie is considerd as the 3th real Terminator movie by fans, because Termintor 3 and 4 had some bad reviews. We at FanDamme loves the Terminator movies and also Scott seems also to embrace the T-800.
Scott would definitely fit the role of Terminator given his brutal actions in Universal Soldier 4. The same however counts for Van Damme, as he proved in Universal Soldier 3.
We certainly recommed that you go and see the movie!