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“Right time, right place? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the wrong place at the wrong time! I don’t know about that. It’s about determination. It’s about being ready for whatever arises. You gotta knock down that door. No one is going to give it to you. You have to go out there and you have to take it. That’s what most people don’t realize. They think someone is going to give them these opportunities. No one is going to give you nothing. If anything, they’re going to try to keep you out. You have to take it!”

Interview KungFuMagazine

Politically Correct Nonsense

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In an interview with ‘The Hollywood News’ Scott was asked about the problems that the world is still facing with racism and inequality.

Adkins: Honestly, I don’t care about all this politically correct nonsense. It does my head in! I think its a bit out of control and it’s gone too far. I like my characters to be a bit complex and say what they want to say. Look at ‘Accident Man’, where we got into trouble for not being ‘politically correct’. Nobody is trying to upset anyone. We’re just trying to entertain people. I feel like people are scared to say things now. Comedians who are being told off for the things they’re saying, and it’s just silly.

We totally agree with him.

Read the whole interview here.

Happy New Year!

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And then it’s 2020!!!  Happy New Year to you all.

For fans of Scott Adkins it promises to be another great year with  a lot of projects on the horizon, such as Legacy of Lies, The Debt Collector 2, Seized, but also Altar Rock, and the first comedy with Scott Adkins:  The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud.

And then the rumors about a sequel of Accident Man 2 are getting stronger and stornger. And will there be a Boyka TV-serie with Scott Adkins in the leadrole?

More than enough to look forward to!