Happy New Year!

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And then it’s 2020!!!  Happy New Year to you all.

For fans of Scott Adkins it promises to be another great year with  a lot of projects on the horizon, such as Legacy of Lies, The Debt Collector 2, Seized, but also Altar Rock, and the first comedy with Scott Adkins:  The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud.

And then the rumors about a sequel of Accident Man 2 are getting stronger and stornger. And will there be a Boyka TV-serie with Scott Adkins in the leadrole?

More than enough to look forward to!

Judgment Day…

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We would all like to see Scott Adkins in a major film role. Fans have dreamed of seeing Scott as the new Batman or the new James Bond.

Today is August 29. In the movie ‘Terminator 2’, three billion human lives ended on August 29. The survivors of the nuclear fire called this day Judgment Day…

We would love to see Adkins as a Terminator.  The movies Terminator 1 and Terminator 2 are certainly at the top of our favorite movie list!!

The Terminator himself,  is a big fan of Scott Adkins considering the T-shirt he’s wearing …