Castle Falls The rumors were already circulating on the internet, but now it is confirmed on the facebook page of scott adkins. He will be working on a new film, together with Dolph Lundgren, called ‘Castle Falls’. This will be the fourth collaboration of both men. The film, set to go into production mid-March in Alabama, sees Adkins play Mike, a struggling fighter forced to take on a foreman job at a local condominium that is set to be demolished. With just eight hours before the building, strapped with dynamite, is destroyed, two vicious local gangs, one led by Lundgren’s character, Shea, break in to retrieve millions of dollars stowed away in one of the apartments. When Mike stumbles across the money, a game of cat and mouse ensues.
Vigilante “Scott in his very own Punisher” One key ingredient when pitching projects at any film market usually includes some kind of concept art. Bleiberg Entertainment is in Berlin with their own package which also consists of William Kaufman’s latest, Vigilante, which wrangled through a ton of unease earlier this month when fan sites spilled the beans. Scott Adkins (Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning, Undisputed film series) is set to star in the flick rejoining Kaufman long since 2016’s Jarhead: The Siege, and Daylight’s End screenwriter Chad Law. With Vigilante making the rounds at this year’s EFM, there’s no question with the sales art’s blaring similarities to the pre- sales art for Jesse Johnson’s hit 2019 thriller, Avengement. Vigilante is described as Taxi Driver meets The Punisher, Adkins will play a disgraced soldier who wages war against the city’s most dangerous criminals, only to end up endangering the lives of the very same people he initially set out to help protect. “This is an old-school unapologetically brutal, testosterone-fueled thrill ride.” Kaufman tells FCSyndicate. “This film will definitely be one of my very best. It’s 100% Scott and I doing our thing.