Scott Adkins Quotes

"Fuck you....THIS IS MY WORLD! "

Here we are just starting to build a page with the most iconic (movie) quotes of Scott Adkins.

I don't just fight people anymore...

“I don't just fight people anymore…  I FUCKING DESTROY THEM”
Scott Adkins Badass.   Quote from the 2018 movie Accident Man.

Do you know who I am?

Do you know who I am?
Yeah, I know who you are, mate. You're 25 grand.
I don't see him as a person... I see him as a brand-new bike!


I'm the most Complete Fighter in the World!

“I am the most complete fighter in the world…”
This is by far the most wellknown quote of Scott Adkins. Ofcourse from the Undisputed-movies where Scott plays the character of Boyka.

"I'll be knocking on his door...."

“I’ll be knocking on his door…”
(Movie: Green Street Hooligans 3)

Anybody else tired?

"Anybody else tired…?”
(Movie: The Expendables 2)

Are you ready to die?

"Are you ready to die....? Neither was she...”
(Movie: Ninja, Shadow of a Tear)

Scott Adkins Quotes (in real life)

Also in real life Scott makes statements that are worth reading:

"I can pretty much say that because of Bruce Lee and Jean-Claude Van Damme, that's why I do what I do today."

"My bedroom was plastered with pictures of Van Damme. My mother was worried about me. Most teenage boys have half-naked women on their walls, and I had Jean-Claude."

"I do find violence entertaining, but that doesn't make me a bad person. I grew up watching all these action films when I was a kid. My dad would bring back 'Rambo' and whatever, and we'd watch it together. It's not affected me in any way other than I just appreciate the entertainment value of violence on film."

"Whenever you're looking at new ways to get in shape, first you have to decide what you want. Do you want a more muscular look, or do you want to slim down and appear more toned and ripped? I adapt my training and diet with each role I do, depending on the image I want to convey."
"I make films for the 16-year-old in myself sometimes."