The best Scott Adkins videos on YouTube

On this page you find a selection of the best Scott Adkins videos on YouTube.


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What does Boyka think of ninjas

Becoming Boyka - Undisputed 3

Scott Adkins (Boyka) on Undisputed 4

UNDISPUTED 3 - Tattoos and Training

Scott Adkins Interviews

Interview - The Expendables 2 UK Premiere

Metal Hurlant Chronicles: Interviews Scott Adkins

Facebook Q&A with fans

Scott Adkins on Doctor Strange

Various Videos

Mile High Striptease

City Central - Rare Early Scott Adkins TV Appearence

Training and Seminars

Scott Adkins Power Kicking Seminar 2014 

Scott 'Boyka' Adkins & Ginger Ninja Trickster Sampler

AirTrick Mini Sampler Scott Adkins & Ginger Ninja Trickster 

Fight Choreography for "Wolverine"

Scott Adkins Seminar (Power Kicking)

Scott Adkins Performs Martial Arts Age 18