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Scott Adkins'  Terminator Trailer

Here's The Terminator trailer with Scott Adkins. As the film The Terminator is one of our most favorite movies we had a little dream about Scott playing The Terminator. He would be a perfect fit.

Scott Adkins'  intense action scenes

Scott Adkins most intense action scenes. Tribute video.

All Scott Adkins'  video posts on Instagram in 2017

Scott Adkins Instagram 2017 videos.
All videos posted by Scott Adkins on Instagram in 2017, together in one video.  Personal training videos, Seminars, while he's working on the set, the release of Boyka 4 and much more...

Scott Adkins and Knives

Scott Adkins and Knives.
This video shows that Scott stabs everywhere... Feet, knee, legs, butt, hands, stomach, heart, back, shoulders, throat, neck, your mouth, or he cuts through your entire head...

The Best New Terminator

We do love the Terminator movies, especially the first movie from 1984.  After a very successful sequel in 1991 with T2: Judgement Day , the serie never again reached the first level.
Now Arnold Schwarzenegger has become older, we were wondering if he could be replaced by Jean-Claude van Damme or Scott Adkins.

Scott Adkins watching Van Damme movies

Scott Adkins is Van Damme's biggest fan. Could this be the way Scott was watching Van Damme movies...?

Universal Soldier Day of Reckoning

One of the most violent movies we ever saw. Scott is kicking, shooting and stabbing everybody he comes across. Headshots seems to be Scott's favorite... Adkins is the only man that can kill both Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude van Damme in one movie...

El Gringo

Video of the best action scenes and shoot outs from El Gringo, with Scott Adkins.

Ninja 2 Shadow of a Tear

Here's one of our favorite moviekills from Scott's movie Ninja 2: Shadow of a Tear