The Debt Collector, 2018

Movie Poster The Debt Collector


French (Scott Adkins) a classically trained martial artist who is low on cash as his gym is failing. He is needing mony fast so he can stay in business. In order to gain more cash so he can pay his rent again, he speaks with his friend Mad Alex who gets him a job as a debt collector for a local enforcer. However, as he realises quite quickly, this isn’t the normal debt collector job. He and his partner Sue (Louis Mandylor) will have to break bones and beat up anyone who gets in there way. The two men trade insults while having different methods of getting their job done.

The Debt Collector

After the movies Savage Dog and Accident Man this is the third movie of Scott Adkins with director Jesse V. Johnson.

Scott Adkins about the film:  "I love the character I play in this movie, Mr French",    “This is a character driven action film that I’m very proud of. It was a fantastic pleasure working alongside the brilliant Louis Madylor, he was the perfect actor to play against for a character driven film like this. People can expect to see a more comedic side to my performance not unlike Mike Fallon in Accident Man. Jesse Johnson and I have an amazing working relationship and we want to keep upping the ante and bringing exciting, yet surprising movies to our audience. The Debt Collector is the third of many to come!”

"I’m very proud of the film, it’s more character driven than my previous movies but there’s still plenty of “grounded” fight scenes that suit the tone, so I urge you all to check it out."