The Shepherd, Border Control (2008)

The Shepherd

In The Shepherd: Border Patrol, Jean-Claude Van Damme plays Jack Robideaux a former New Orleans homicide detective) who joins the Border Patrol working underground as a as a brooding loner with a pet rabbit to battle former members of an elite U.S. military force (ex-Navy Seals). They have turned their past expertise into a scheme to smuggle 3-tone of heroin worth $35 million from Mexico into the US on a bus carrying priest and nuns who are used as human shields when despicable scheme runs into road blocks and the fury we expect of Van Damme.
Our hero single-handedly attempts to wipe-out the cartel in this thriller by taking on suicide bombers, sadistic tortures and treacherous officials from both sides of the border. The Shepherd is well-crafted action movie; hot with riveting shoot-outs, vehicle chases and extreme paroxysm-like fight scenes. The zeal of Van Damme’s younger rival, played by Scott Adkins, nearly turns these staged theatrical fights into a true sludge-fight between the two that is jammed with new and innovative techniques that are a visual delight for fight fans the world over.  Van Damme is up to the challenge delivering what everything expects of Van Damme. The plot is easy to follow (a bit boring), dialogue is straightforward, but most important, the action is intense.

Scott Adkins

When The Shepherd was released, Scott Adkins was a new and promising high-kicking martial arts actor. The movie is filmed in Bulgaria, about a week in Mexico, and a week in California for exterior.
Scott Adkins was not complete satisfied with the end result of the movie. He was promised three big fights in the movie. "The end fight was cut to a third of what it was and my other fights was took out, we didn't even film it."  

Van Damme in a MTV interview is more enthusiastic: "The Shepherd is a simple, not too complicated story. It's full of action. I was in very good shape for the movie and used new fighting techniques. It's a Van-Dammage-type of action movie."    "My body looks like 30 but my face looks like 50. But I cannot walk bare-chested in the streets. I like to do these movies to challenge myself physically."   Twenty people are killed by Van Damme in this movie and he beats the shit out of Scott Adkins.  But that was worth it for Scott Adkins. Because of this film Scott became more known to a wider audience.

This was the first movie of Scott Adkins and Van Damme together. 
We admit: Van Damme's looks are great in this movie. But more Adkins would have tasted delicious.