VanDammage: Van Damme’s most brutal moviescenes

Here you are: The ultimate VanDammage! Watch here the most brutal, cruel, ruthless and violent movie scenes of Jean-Claude van Damme.

Movie: Universal Soldier, Day of Reckoning
Van Damme kills a helpless woman and her daughter. For sure this scene will remain as the most violent for a while. Even though you’ve seen it several times, the scene never gets used.
Movie: Wake of Death
Revenge looks like this… If you mess with him, Van Damme will blast the brains out of your head and uses them as wallpaper..
Movie: Until Death
Determined Van Damme first shoots his victim through  his hand, followed by a violent headshot.
Movie: Assassination Games
The beautiful white bedsheet will soon turn red…Jean-Claude van Damme is beheading a person in Assassination Games.
Movie: In Hell
In this scene you will not see the usual strong and sturdy Van Damme, but this time it’s selfdefence. But very brutal and never seen before…

Movie: Replicant
Van Damme killed lots of people by kickin them to dead in his moviecareer. But it becomes brutal when the vicitim is a young mother and burns her. Van Damme is frightening as a psycho and serialkiller…
Movie: Hard Target
If we compare Van Damme to other action moviestars he did not that many shoot outs. But in Hard Target he demonstrates real VanDammage and shows that he knows how to use guns… Great hairstyle of Van Damme by the way.
Movie: Black Eagle
Maybe this scene does not belong in this list. But this is Van Damme’s first moviekill and Van Damme is looking on his supreme best!
Movie: Universal Soldier Regeneration
This scene reminds us at first Terminator movie where Schwarzengger killed all the cops in a police station.
This scene is something like that: Van Damme’s own Terminator scene where he brutally is killing everybody he encounters in the building.
Movie: Enemies Closer
Never walk in the forrest if Van Damme is your enemy…
Weapons are always within reach…. Instead of a sword he just uses a branch…
Movie: The Shepherd
Full of hate, Jean-Claude van Damme beats Scott Adkins to dead. But Scott is a tough guy and apparently one punch is not enough…