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Van Damme shares Adkins Photo on FaceBook

Hi friends! I’m really touched so many of you tell me very often how I or my movies have inspired you to start training martial arts, or to never give up on your dreams.
You probably know my story, how I went to the U.S.A. with almost nothing, to pursue my dream to become a movie star – and so I did.
One guy had the same dream after watching ‘Bloodsport’. He knew from that moment on, he wanted to do what I did. He wanted to become an action movie star like me – and so he did!
Now we’ve worked together on several movies and I’m sure you all know him… Scott Adkins.

Here are two photos, one of Scott when he was a fan, and one of us working together on the set of ‘Assassination Games’.
Never give up on your dreams, my friends, they can come true!

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