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Intense photos

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Many filmscenes of Scott Adkins are for sure the most brutal you have ever seen. Here you will find some intense photos.

Scott stabs everywhere...

Scott stabs everywhere…   In your mouth, neck, side, hand, back, foot or leg. In your throat, your heart, and even your ass. 
He sticks you to the ceiling with a knife..

The Hammer

Avengement and Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning are very brutal. Especially the scene in Universal Soldier in which Scott takes out his opponent with a hammer is one of the most intense Adkins-scenes ever!

Scott Stranges people

Scott strangles people. Just with his arm, squeeze the throat, use a chain or just hang someone. He enjoys it, like in the photo from Accident Man.

Beat someone to dead

Beating someone up without a hammer also works fine


Beware for Scott with a Shotgun. He’ll blow your head off.