Scott Adkins World


The list of videos here could be infinitely long…. There are so many intense action scenes available with Scott Adkins.

In the 80’s there was the rise of  action films with the famous stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvestor Stallone and others. We are not exaggerating when we state that in terms of violence and intensity, Scott Adkins outshines all of these stars!

Kicking heads...

Scott shows no mercy.:  some intense head kicks in this video.


Scott Adkins and knives is a great combo! This video is from 2016 so in the meantime there are many new knive scenes. Maybe sooner or later a new video with this topic?

Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning

Universal Soldier Day of Reckoning. One of the most violent and intense movies. Scott Adkins is kicking, shooting and stabbing everybody he comes across. Headshots seems to be Scott’s favorite… 

Scott Adkins is The Man!

El Gringo is full with some of the best action scenes of Scott Adkins. In this movie Scott is called The Man!