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Close Range

Close Range, 2015

In Close Range, Scott Adkins plays Colton MacReady, a Gringo and he’s rescuing his kidnapped niece from a powerful drug cartel.

Then a relentless fight to save his family
begins. The cartel has descended upon his secluded ranch with a thirst for revenge. A corrupt local sheriff and his crew of deputies, ensure that help won’t be coming any time soon.…

The script has been written by Chad Law which also wrote
the script of Van Damme’s movie “6 Bullets” and Shane Dax Taylor

In Close Range Scott is teamed up again with Isaac Florentine.

They delivered together great movies
before, such as Ninja, Ninja Shadow of a Tear and Undisputed III. Scott enjoys working with Isaac: “Well, I was asking to work with him, and he was asking to work with me. So we are a good team, and know each other very well. I know his strength, and he know’s my strenght and we try to compliment each other.

He gave me my first breakthrough movie which was Undisputed 2, he charged me in the role of Boyka, as a lot of other people did’nt think I should have that role; he’s one of the best action directors working with.


Hard as nails

Close Range starts with introducing Colton as a bad-ass anti-hero. Within five minutes over 10 people are killed by him, in which he uses a very tiny knife. The whole scene which takes a few minutes, was filmed in one shot which certainly underlines the class and skills of Adkins. Colton MacReady is one of thoses ‘take no shit’ types.

Close Range does not have such an profound plot. Also the story takes place at only one area, so the film whas shot quite quickly. The characters in the film are barely introduced. Close Range delivers non-stop action.

Scott: “Probably we even redused the dialog because… … at the end of the day it’s an action film, and we wanna make sure that the fans of action are happy! So we tried to pull in as much as action as we can. We made the desicion to make close combats.”

With Scott’s short hair, leather jacket, jeans, and his bad ass look the complete drugs cartel is killed in an very fast action film without almost a single dull moment.Scott himself described the movie as a modern Western; “Colton MacReady is a good character, hard as nails… which I’m good at playing. It’s a full-on action movie. I put in 110% into the film. My character is more of an outlaw! A bad-ass character more like what Boyka is.“Many stunts were done by Adkins himself but not all of them. In the fllm is a scene where Colton MacReady is jumping over a car. Scott did some of the car stunts, but not much because they had a stuntman to do the carstun. In another scene Colton is thrown against a fireplace. “I did that, I do stunts like that on a regularly base, I get used to it. You can clearly see that it was me!”

About the final product Scott tells: “When you a film, you have a vision in your head. People want to see this type of movies. We are filling the gap in the marketplace and it’s a genre movie that you don’t get elsewhere. We have actors who can do their own fights and their own stunts, of course it’s compromised, you can do it never as good as you have in your head. You do your best, and not having time enough. But I’m really happy with the finalized product and think in the end that we achieved want we wanted to achieve.”


Bad guy: You killed my brother.
Scott Adkins: Yeah? And I’m gonna kill you too, you little bitch. Let’s go!