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Karmouz War

Karmouz War, 2018

A British soldier (Adkins) is locked up by his own army for military misconduct, but is unleashed by the British as their secret weapon when fighting the Egyptian soldiers, who are led by General Yousef al-Masri in Karmouz, Alexandria during English-occupied Egypt.

The film is also know under the title ‘No Surrender’

Karmouz War is set in Egypt between the end of the Second World War in 1945 and 1949.

The film tells the story of Youssef Al-Masry, a lieutenant colonel in the Egyptian police.
Al-Masry sets to avenge “the honour” of an Egyptian girl who was raped by two British soldiers. After fist fights and gun chases, one soldier gets killed and another is imprisoned. Al-Masry refuses to set that soldier free, leading the British army to surround his police station.

As the police station gets surrounded by tanks and heavily armoured British soldiers, Al-Masry sets free most of the prisoners, who become his comrades in arms to battle the onslaught.

The producers paid to bring in Scott Adkins to play an English officer. But this is not a Scott Adkins film by any means and the action star delivers what essentially is an extended cameo. The advertisers have splashed his name and images all over the U.S. domestic trailer and DVD release so it basically is false advertising so people who are unaware of this fact will be mad to say the least.

Ofcourse the best part of the film is were Adkins shows up as Adkins is unchained to release his killer moves and boy does he. We are treated to a barrage of furious kicks from the action star and we are witness to a bevy of his signature moves. Adkins takes out a host of Egyptians with his fists, feet and firepower and fans are clearly rewarded for sticking around.