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Seized, 2020

After a former special forces agent’s son is kidnapped, he must wipe out three dangerous crime syndicates, if he wants to see his son alive again.

Seized reunites Adkins and director Isaac Florentine for the first time since 2015’s Close Range. Their other collaborations include Ninja, Ninja: Shadow of a Tear and, of course, Undisputed 2 and 3. That’s one hell of a track record for it to live up to. So Seized should be and could have been another masterpiece….

Scott is a former special forces agent’s. His son is kidnapped by and held to ransom. If he wants his son back, he needs to wipe out three criminal operations within 24 hours.

During his murder mission he is forced in wearing a bodycam so everybody can see the livestream. Now, with bullets flying and bodies dropping as he completes his mission, he races to find his son and seek revenge…

Seized is an average Scott Adkins movie. Of course Scott knows how to entertain his fans. The movie is packed with action. There are a lot of gun fights, but not that much martial arts fights in this movie. Adkins doesn’t get a fight that lasts more than a couple of punches until the final. Compared to Scott’s other movies, the action it portrayed here without too much detail on the human bodies. We see more explicit action scenes in Scott’s other films.

Scott on ‘Seized’: I really viewed this project as a fun movie. I used my own accent and brought some of my own humor to it. It wasn’t so much an acting challenge as it was a fun ride, so I didn’t overthink it and I brought the character to me. At the end of the day, you have to put your acting first. If you cando martial arts and are a physical guy that is great but acting is what is most important.

For this film there were a hell of a lot of challenges; stuff behind the scenes that the viewer will never know about. We didn’t have a lot of things going our way on this one, but you have to do the best with the hand that you’re dealt. It was a challenging film to shoot in may ways.


Seized Fight Sequence


‘Commando’ memories…

Seized gave us a flasback to Scwarzenegger’s movie ‘Commando’.  Both Scott Adkins and Arnold Schwarzenegger were sedated at the beginning of the film and then their child was kidnapped. Both are forced to complete a murder mission to find their child alive. And that’s why they both go into battle…  Alone against everyone!