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The Shepherd

The Shepherd, 2008

The lead in The Shepherd: Border Patrol is for Jean-Claude Van Damme. He plays Jack Robideaux a former New Orleans homicide detective) who joins the Border Patrol working underground as a as a brooding loner with a pet rabbit to battle former members of an elite U.S. military force (ex-Navy Seals).

The Shepherd is the first time that Scott Adkins collaborated with Van Damme in a movie.  Van Damme does some cool things in this movie but more Adkins would have made a better movie.

In May, 2013, we had the chance to interview Scott Adkins.  This was just before the release of The Shepherd and  the first time that Scott worked together with Jean-Claude van Damme.

What do you do when you are not sporting and shooting? What is important for you in life? You already did a lot of acting. Till know, what makes you the most proud?

Scott: I’m a bit of a one trick pony in that all I’m really interested in is film and Martial Arts. If I’m not training I’m watching movies but I do enjoy a good blast on the PlayStation. Of all my work I’m most proud of Undisputed II. I do think that we can improve greatly on that movie but it’s certainly gained a lot of attention for me and I think the action really stands out in that film. If I was given a decent budget I think we could really stand out.

JCVD is an inspiration for you, but you are even a better martial arts artist…?

Scott: I think it’s like anything else. When Van Damme appeared on the scene there was no one around doing what he did, at least where Westerners are concerned. He set the bar for all of the young hopefuls and they would train until they could do all of Van Damme’s moves and then some. The next generation will always be better because they start off where their peers left off. I see some of the young kids of today coming up and pulling off allsorts of crazy moves. In 10 years, it’ll be unbelievable what people are doing

"I know how to sell a hit"

Are you often compared to JCVD, and how do you feel about that? You are Scott Adkins so what makes you unique?

Scott: I do get compared to JCVD and I think it’s purely because I’m a white action actor with muscles and kicks. The important thing to note is that he inspired so many people and now guys like me are all over the place. I think what success I’ve achieved so far can be attributed to working on myself as an actor and not just a martial artist.

What is JC’s opinion about your skills?

Scott: He’s very complimentary. He phoned me up after seeing Undisputed II and congratulated me on the movie and that meant a lot to me. I think what impressed him the most on the set of “The Shepherd” was my reaction skills to his moves. I’m used to being the whipping boy for people like Jet Li and Jackie Chan so I know how to sell a hit and I know Jean Claude appreciated that. He takes a bit of a beating off me as well though. But for sure my stunt background has given me a lot of skills

You are young and at the beginning of your career. Are you going to be big?

Scott: I couldn’t even begin to answer that question.

When did you first hear about working with JCVD and how did you react?

Scott: I was offered a role in Second In Command but it wasn’t really what I was looking for, the same thing with Until Death but I was working on another project at the time anyway. It was when Isaac got the job that I knew I could get the chance to play a decent part in a Van Damme movie and I also felt it would be a waste to do a Van Damme film and not get the opportunity to fight with him so of course I was going to do it. Van Damme was my idol as a kid, next to Bruce Lee he was my favourite action star so I was pretty excited about the prospect.

Which movie of Van Damme do you like the most and why? And can the movie The Shepherd be compared with any other Van Damme movie?

Scott: My favourite was always Double Impact but Hard Target, Bloodsport and Kickboxer are right up there too. The Shepherd is is a little like Inferno/Desert Heat in the way it’s set in a dead end town but it is a fun action movie like Double Impact or Hard Target

What’s your role in The Shepherd, and can you tell us something about the plot.

Scott: I play Karp who is part of a group of soldiers who have gone rogue and are trafficking drugs across the Mexican Border. It’s basically Van Damme Vs. the bad guys. It’s a good old fashioned action movie that I think the fans will really enjoy!

How was it working on the set? Did you have a lot of fun?

Scott: as long as I’m getting paid to do what I love it will always be fun.


Can you tell us something more about the fight scenes? And does it hurt??

Scott: It does hurt, that’s if you’re doing it properly. I like the hits to look like hits and the best way to accomplish that is to hit, plain and simple. Jean Claude side kicked me in the chest and I told him to do it as hard as he could, he didn’t want to but I told him better to do one really hard than to do a load of not so hard ones. It was a pretty good kick and to be honest I’ve had a clicking noise in my sternum ever since but it’s all part of the fun.

The Shepherd does not sound as a title for a great action movie. Can you give us your thoughts about the movietitle?

Scott: It needs to be changed. There are no sheep in this movie!

Would you love to do another project with JCVD in future, ore was this “a one-day show”?

Scott: Of course I would but it would have to be the right part.

And the last, Please give us some good reason to watch The Shepherd.

Scott: Because Van Damme faces off against Adkins. That’s all you need to know.