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Scott (Edward) Adkins was born in Sutton Coldfield, England on June 17th, 1976, into a family that for generations were Butchers. Along with his elder brother Craig, he was raised by John and Janet Adkins, a loving middle class family. Scott’s grandmother was of Spanish descent.

Scott Adkins is married with Lisa Adkins and toghether they have two children. One daughter, Carmel and she was born in 2011. And Joshua Jack and he’s born in 2018.

Scott attended Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School in Sutton Coldfield. Probably not the best of students, he used to sneak down stairs after his parents had gone to bed and watch films all night then fall asleep during lessons. A natural athlete, Scott enjoyed a variety of sports as he grew up, but when he was 10 years old, he accompanied his father and brother to the local Judo club. The attraction was instantaneous.

Idolising stars such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jean-Claude Van Damme, Scott began to train everyday. He took over his Dad’s garage and turned it into his own Dojo complete with a shrine to Bruce Lee. He remembers being mugged on a bus when he was around 13 and that really kicked his training into overdrive. He wasn’t ever going to let that happen again. At the age of 14, Scott went on to train in Tae Kwon Do under the instruction of Ron Sergiew with the T.A.G.B. After a few years he moved on to Kickboxing under Anthony Jones. He is now a fully trained Kickboxing Instructor for the P.K.A. Scott also studied and some different styles of Kung Fu. He also picked up Ninjitsu, Judo, Jiujitsu and Karate, which you can see in the movie.

“I turned to my mom and said, ‘I’m going to be a martial arts movie star.’ She didn’t believe me, and neither did my dad. They both thought I would grow out of it. That it was a phase. I decided then I was going to do it or die trying.”

Although mostly known for his work in action films Scott was also regular on many TV shows in Great Britain. A self confessed ‘film junkie’ Scott’s attention was drawn to acting through the Hollywood Greats. He enrolled in a drama class at Sutton Coldfield College. Being a shy lad he initially found it difficult to be put on stage in front of an audience. Finally, at the age of 21, Scott was offered a place at the prestigious Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. However, as an impoverished student he found it hard to make ends meet without a grant, and was forced to leave without completing the course. Very dejected he thought that was the end.

His first break came when he was offered a role in a Hong Kong martial arts film called ‘Extreme Challenge’. Spotted by Head of The Hong Kong Stuntmen Association and director Stephen Tung Wai and English born Hong Kong movie expert Bey Logan, Adkins found himself in the East for the first time. Scott got the chance to work with some of Hong Kong cinema’s leading action directors including Yeun Wo Ping, Cory Yeun, Sammo Hung and the legendary Jackie Chan. Acting roles started to come in and he was offered a guest role in BBC’s ‘Doctors’ filmed at Birmingham’s Pebble Mill. A few episodes in BBC’s ‘Eastenders’ and ‘City Central’, and a lead role in Sky One comedy drama ‘Mile High’ followed by a regular role in BBC’s ‘Holby City’ as Bradley Hume, the assistant General Manager of Holby General.

Starring roles in feature films soon followed with his portrayal of ‘Talbot’ in ‘Special Forces’ and ‘Boyka’ in ‘Undisputed II: Last Man Standing’.

It was this film (Undisputed II) that broke him into the mainstream with his villainous portrayal of a Russian MMA underground fighter ‘Boyka’ in what has been hailed as one of the best American made Martial Arts films of recent times. The movie has some unbelievably heart stopping fight scenes and the total package of Scott’s incredible movies, his looks and his acting skills was the reason that after this Scott has had guest starring roles in bigger budget films like ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’ and ‘The Tournament’ and Weapon XI in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’.

Scotts’ first lead role came with ‘Ninja’ and was soon followed with ‘Undisputed III: Redemption’ where he reprised his role as Russian MMA fighter Uri Boyka.

“I prefer to play the villain or the antihero.”

Scott’s Trade Mark is undoubtly his spectacular martial arts performace. Many of the movie stunts he’s doing by himself. Scott worked frequetly together with other wellknown action-hero’s such as Dolph Lundgren, Kevin Costner, Sacha Baron Cohen and in four movies with Jean-Claude van Damme. In Expendables II Scott worked also together with Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Scott Adkins delivers much more than martial arts and hardcore action films. By the time of shooting The Expendables (2011), Scott’s knee was in a terrible state, so Scott had to get surgery and really could not stress it. The medical said: “You can’t go 100% with your knee for the next nine months,” Scott had torn his ACL so he was trying not to do much martial arts at that time and that is one of the reasons for the many gunfights in El Gringo, aldo it was always going to be that kind of film. Also in the movie Tomb of the Dragon there are no fights, also to give Scott’s knee more rest. It was a straight acting role for Scott, just trying to stretch himself and do different things. Other different kind of movies are Home Invasion (thriller), Re-Kill (horror) and Doctor Strange (Fantasy, Adventure, Sci-Fi)

About injures Scott told once: “I’ve been really lucky with injuries to be honest, but it was only a matter of time. As you get older, things start to bend a bit less and they start to break. So I just needed to be vigilant. I would train so hard and you drill these kicks and these moves and these gymnastic movements day in, day out and it just takes its toll after a while. So I need to approach my training a bit smarter, but when it comes to game time and you’ve got to put it down on film, you’ve really just got to get out there and do it.

“I do find violence entertaining, but that doesn’t make me a bad person.”

All these action heroes from the previous generation… Scott could replace them all. Jean-Claude van Damme would go mad if he could do the same martial arts moves as Scott Adkins. About Scott’s martial arts skills compared with those of Van Damme Scott said: “I think it’s like anything else. When Van Damme appeared on the scene there was no one around doing what he did, at least where Westerners are concerned. He set the bar for all of the young hopefuls and they would train until they could do all of Van Damme’s moves and then some. The next generation will always be better because they start off where their peers left off.” and “With Jean-Claude, to be honest, I have to dumb it down a little bit to cater for him, I’m afraid to say, because we’re from different eras. We do it faster, more like they do in Hong Kong these days. And when Van Damme came up, they were doing it the Western way. That’s a bit slower and a bit more step to step.”

Scott Adkins also did an action movie set at the Burmese border. In Ninja Shadow of a Tear he painted bright red with the copious blood of mutilated Asian orpses, just like Sylvester Stallone’s masterpiece Rambo in the past. With the scenario of an one man army using his superior mind and his bare hands he overcomes betrayal and dominates a scary exotic Eastern land.

And unstoppable – like Arnolds’ Terminator – he destroyed a whole army in Universal Solider Day of Reckoning in a very brutal manner. OK, not in a leather suit but his t-shirt steeped in blood. In the TV serie “Metal Hurlant Chronicles, Second Chance” Scott proved that leather stands him well just like Arnold.

Compared to the mentioned actors – Van Damme, Stallone, Schwarzenegger – the action scenes of Scott Adkins belongs to the bloodiest and most brutal.

Scott is 5ft 11 in (1.80m) tall and his weight is 12.9st -13.5st (82-86kg).

Passionate, driven, yet down to earth – he just stays in touch with his fans – and extraordinarily dedicated, Scott is a modern-day warrior and it’s not hard to understand why he’s in growing demand as one of the best in the world.